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Super Quick Ferment?!?

Started my White House Honey Ale brew at 4p on Saturday afternoon. all went well, dropped the carboy off in the basement and left the house. Around 9p when I returned it was bubbling away and had plenty of activity.
Checked its status every few hours to make sure all was well.
Checked back Monday am around 9 and found zero activity.

I moved the carboy upstairs to a warmer spot and wrapped it in black towels to avoid light.
is it possible my yeast were champs and made quick work of this brew?

should I leave it sit for the full 1 week, or go ahead and bottle now?


It is possible the initial fermentation is complete. Over the next few days the yeast will work on clean up. You didn’t mention a Specific Gravity reading. If you don’t have a hydrometer, let the fermentor stay warm for two more weeks. Very dangerous to bottle a beer that is not done fermenting.

i don’t have a hydrometer… this is my first ever brew… I’ve read plenty this week to suggest needing one.

should i leave it two more weeks from today, or two weeks from when fermentation started?

dangerous as in too much CO2 buildup causing bottle breakage?

is there any need to do a secondary fermentation, or leave it as is?
i don’t have a second carboy, but could fudge and sanitize a large pitcher, sanitize my carboy and put it back…

Leave it as is for at least 2 weeks. 3 if you can make yourself do so. It will be worth it in the end. :cheers:

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