Super Bowl

What’s everyone doing for Superbowl?

Duh- watching.
Sorry, couldn’t resist.
Just family watching at home, but our tradition has been homemade chicken wings and nachos during pregame and homemade Calzones at halftime. And Homebrew of course! (although SWMBO prefers a Maitai pregame)

I used to always go skiing on Superbowl Sunday always home in time for the game.

I always try over the past few years to keep Super Bowl Monday clear so I can indulge and enjoy the Super Bowl. Homebrew of course but the guy who holds the party insists on Tequila shots at the start of each quarter! Never an early evening and made work painful the next morning.

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Pizza and wings at home probably. We haven’t been eating much of that stuff lately so it will be a special occasion. Might just have a hoomebrew or two.

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Homebrews for sure and hopefully antagonizing my Pat’s fan friend up the street when they lose. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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I like the big sandwich.

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Nothing so far. Pretty sure whatever happens there will be homebrew involved!

Brewing a 10 gallon batch of a Ryecoe Clone (I know the brewers…) &:wink:

I’m brewing during the Superbowl. Never been a real football fan after Joe Montanna retired and with all the conserversey now I’m glad im not.

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Controversy is nothing new in sports. It’ll pass it’s the games I like. I mostly only watch sports on TV. And peaky blinders of course

hhhmmmm… Well, lets see… hmmmm, not much is planned… Sneezles61

I guess there won’t be many TVs on in MN tomorrow. No big deal I just read they already have the MVP chosen anyway


Watching a soccer match or maybe binge watching something on Netflix…haven’t watched football for years. The game bores me.

I’ll be doing my best to avoid the need to leave my neighborhood in NE Minneapolis for the next few days…

The game doesn’t interest me much this year being a Steelers fan and as much as I dislike the Eagles I must root for them over the Cheatriots. Regardless of who’s in the game we always throw a decent party for the big game. I rubbed a 10lb hunk of top round down for pit beef sandwiches, have a brisket soaking in brine for pastrami and will be frying 2 turkey breasts. Pot luck style so who knows what other goodies may show up. 3 of 4 taps filled with some tasty home brews to wash it all down.


I just love an excuse to eat snacks and goof on my family. Mom has a party we eat drink talk politics and some watch the game and some watch the commercials and a few just watch the halftime show. Did I mention I like the big sandwich ? Oh and Mom’s fried chicken.


[quote=“brewmanchu, post:16, topic:25587, full:true”]
I must root for them over the Cheatriots.[/quote]
Disclaimer: I’m not a Patriots fan. As somebody who played football for 14 years I do believe they have a great system. They can get mediocre players to play like all-pros because they “buy-in” and check their egos at the door. Yep, even Randy Moss.

Now, this quote. This is why they win and are successful. Teams are more worried about them “cheating”, looking through the trash, trying to spy. These “mental midgets” is what beats you. You are more focused on that than your game plan. It’s a unnecessary distraction for coaches and players. As I mentioned, I played football for 14 years. The hardest teams to beat had that stigma… that stigma that you had to do something special, or to completely overhaul your system to beat them. If it gets in your mind you lose focus. That is why they are successful.


Who did you play for?

I’m thinking a “Letterkenny” binge…