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Super Bowl Brew Day

Anyone doing a pregame brew? Beautiful day here, no wind and 11°.


I brewed both Friday an Irish Red Friday and a Wit yesterday. Got them in before the big game.

What’s in your kettle?

It’s an alpine Brewing company Nelson ipa clone. Since my last name is Nelson I figured I better try .

nice back yard too! Sneezles61

Made a nut brown with a addition of local honey.

Nut brown is next on my list to brew.

This will be my first attempt at a nut brown. I hope it’s good.

Not wanting to try and squeeze brewing between church and the game I brewed on Saturday. I brewed my version of NB’s Irish Red (AG). I used Maris Otter as the base grain and used Wyeast 2112. Because of the Maris Otter I named this recipe Mary’s Otter Irish Red. This is the first time I have deviated enough from a standard recipe that I felt I needed to name it! I can’t wait to taste it.

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