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Sunday brew day

Uploading… and so we wait

I would use a foil or foam stopper. Seems that as it spins fresh air is brought in to help supply oxygen. Sneezles61

Did try foam or foil. It makes a mess

You want “aerobic” (oxygen present) fermentation for cell/yeast reproduction (the yeast cells need oxygen as one of the components for new/more cell walls etc)…also in the primary fermentor initially which is why we oxygenate or splash during transfer. After that you want “anaerobic” (lack of oxygen) fermentation so they produce alcohol instead if more yeast cells. The air lock limits the amount of oxygen and effecting cell growth & reproduction.


Thank you Sunfish, yer help and knowledgable! Sneezles61

Learned something did not know. Did use alu foil. Before. But create lots of blow over issues

Need a bigger starter vessel :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:! Sneezles61

Yeah i know

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