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Any one has been using. Summit. Hops. Plan to use this. A first hops. At the 60 min boil. But than later. As a dry hops.

I really enjoy summit for an ipa. I’ve always used it as a 60 minute addition and have made some wonderful ipa with it. Not sure about dry hopping.

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I’m glad you asked because I just used them on my last three batches. My first batch was an IPA that I used 2 oz of pellets in a bag to dry hop the keg with. All I got was onion and garlic flavors from it. I rushed a pulled the bag out of the keg and was able to get my beer back to drinkable.
Second batch was a pale ale, but this time I used .5 oz for 60 minutes and .5 oz for 10 minutes… not as bad, but I still got a hint of onion and garlic. It’s a good beer, but without those hops it would have been a great beer.
So I tried them once more in another IPA. Using 1 oz at 60 minutes. This one didn’t have onion and garlic and it did a good job at bittering.
In summary: I hope an asteroid crashes into a summit hop field and wipes them off the planet. Haha I just never got the citrus flavors that others have claimed to get from these hops… that’s why I tried it on three occasions just to be sure before I wrote these hops off.
I wasn’t a fan

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Thanks for the reply. Got some sunmit. Last order. When it did arive. Some bags broke. So had union flav in my box. Did create a recipi. And did not know. What kind i would use. For bittering. And dryhop. So a lightbold hit me. Why not try. Summit. To make a story short. Been reading. Lots about the summit. Hops. Most fellow brewers. Are the same like you. Never again. Maybe give it to my wife she can make compost. Out of it.

WOW yours we’re open too. I ordered mine through NB and when they got here, all three one ounce packages were open and the hops were in the box. Customer service told me they had an issue with their assembly line and the machine wasn’t glueing the pckages. They sent me three new packages without an issue, but those hops don’t taste that good anyways. Good luck

Did send them a message. Four out of five where open. Had to send them. A photo. So i did. Got reply. They will send me new or a credit on next order

Get the credit not the hops

Thats what we did

I have used summit and liked it. I got a lot of orange flavor. I have heard that they give off onion/garlic if they are harvested too late. Maybe I got lucky with mine.

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