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Summit summer ale

So I just tried Summit’ summer ale, very impressed, went to their web site and looked at the stats for it, low ABV, drinks like it has a backbone! You just don’t find a small brew that has a full body, you just don’t… Sneezles61

Im going to try and find this this weekend…how far are you from summit?

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I live one hour and a half north, so far I’ve found them in the sampler pack… I gotta bang on the bar owners up here to git it on tap, let the EPA rest fer a bit! Sneezles61

I had to settle for the unchained us and them IPA…good though.

Oof… Loved the second thread, not a big fan of the first. Did you pick up any Ságá? That is a fridge staple for me.

Got the first thread…probably go back for the second thread.

I do miss their old original IPA, when that went away, I tried their newer versions, just not what I came to enjoy by them… :unamused:Sneezles61

I also grabbed mmmmhops…because it was something i had never seen…terrible idea…worst beer i have had in quite awhile.

Isnt mmmhops from one of the hansen brothers?

Its all 3 brothers…at least it was only two dollars.

There in is the great idea of building 6 paks. You try a variety and not git stuck 5 more sticks in the mud to pawn off on visitors… Sneezles61

Better be worth it :wink:

And you didn’t call to help you with those bad boys? Sneezles61

I would call it a meaty kolsch…very enjoyable.

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