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Summit Saga IPA

Summit scores a home run with this beer!!! Congratulations to the brewery for crafting an IPA that is DELICIOUS!!!

I’ve enjoyed Summit from time to time - their IPA and EPA - I’ve enjoyed a few of the unchained brews. The Rye was my favorite - still have a few in my beer cellar.

But with this IPA - they have crafted my go to beer - which used to be two hearted ale. Saga is a bit more “piney” and less “citrusy”…

Picked up a 6 pack last night - went back to the store and bought up the rest.

Hops: Centennial, Amarillo, Citra and New Zeland Rakau
IBU: 80
ABV: 6.4%
Malts: Harrington and Caramel

Congratulations and Cheers to one and all at Summit Brewery in St. Paul!!

Is this available at most liquor stores around the area now? Guess I haven’t been out to buy anything in a while with taps and bottles available in the basement. Maybe I’ll have to pick this one up for tonight.

Random note: I really, really wish they would bring back their Rye Ale. Even if it is just as a seasonal thing. That was one of my favorite beers and have not found another Rye that I like as much.

I agree, Summit has come out with a good one.

I had it a few weeks ago, before it was released :slight_smile: to the public. I will actually start buying Summit beer again.

I found a six pack…will report back later but just the specs are getting me excited

I like it as well. doesn’t have any of the citrus taste.

Summit has been doing tasting sessions all over town over the past week so I would assume its going to be available in most shops.

Fantastic beer! Excited it’s a new year-round offering. Summit was in dire need of something like this (although I believe their Horizon Red to be criminally underrated).

Got one of these in a trade. Great “all day IPA”. Well, maybe not “all day”, but close to it.

Picked some up last night and it is quite tasty, solid drinkable IPA. I’m still partial to beers like their EPA, Porter and Red since everyone and their brother does an American IPA but it should better position them in the IPA saturated market.

I had picked up a six of this a week ago. The first one I popped open, I didn’t like. Had an earthy taste that I wasn’t very fond of, and really not what I was expecting. Gave one to my father in law, and he thought it was great. I tried another bottle the next day, and it was a totally different taste than the first bottle. I actually liked it quite a bit. I had the last bottle of it last night, and it was actually terrible. Tasted more like the first bottle, earthy, but with a tinge of something else that wasn’t good. I felt bad, but I had to dump it. Is it possible I just got unlucky enough to get a bad batch or something? :frowning:

loved this IPA! Very unique finish. Not really a fan of any Summit but the red. This IPA should be year round.

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