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Summit Hops?

I have a half pnd of summit pellets I need to find a use for. I orginally got them for a couple batches of what was supposed to be a Mannys Pale Ale clone, though I didn’t think the final product turned out ‘grassy’ or ‘dank’ enough.

Soooo, I want to make a dank/grassy tame IPA. I did some looking and saw some people liking
Summit used as both a bittering and aroma/dry hop. I also saw other comments about how they thought it ruined their batches and brought out an onion or chive flavor.

Should I just throw caution to the wind and make a single hop summit beer or do any of you guys have any advice or recipes you want to share? I do have some Amarillo I could throw in as well.

Maybe a Summit bittering, a 5 min or flameout Summit addition with an Amarillo DH?

Ive done some experimenting with summit, and you can tame it with other hops, but on its own, it’s onion, diesel smelling funk IMO…this tangerine aroma and flavor seems to me anyway, to simply not exist.

That said, it’s a great bittering hop that doesn’t let any of that onion diesel fuel smell or flavor make itself known. When dry hopping or late in the kettle, onion or garlic city man. Ymmv of course, but I’d make a small test batch, maybe extract and see what you think, because summit can be nasty and obnoxious if you dont like it. My all all summit esb sucked… Sucked so bad I dumped most of the keg, and I never do that but it was so gross…

Roger that… I’m just mad that I’m looking for that grassy dank flavor. I don’t know that I’ll get any more than upping the 60 min bittering charge from 1oz to 2oz’s…

All I’ve been doing so far is extract. Maybe I’ll wait till I have a half carton of LME left and take your advice and do a partial batch just to see what would happen with a 60 min Summit, then a Summit and ‘something else’ dry hop.

Thanks for the input!

Id suggest a double IPA.

I think Founder’s Double Trouble is bittered with Summit (flavor aroma with Amarillo), and its a pretty ballsy delicious beer. Sorry, don’t have a clone recipe of it though.

Lots of good bittering hops = big bitter hoppy beer, or massive quantity of reasonably bitter beer.

[quote=“duckmanco”]this tangerine aroma and flavor seems to me anyway, to simply not exist.


And I’ve never gotten anything but tangerine from them…no onion whatsoever. I wonder if it varies from grower to grower?

I’m with Denny. Orange tangerine all the way. Flavor and aroma perception is so susceptible to the power of suggestion. If you know that someone has said it before and you really try you could trick yourself into sensing onion, garlic and even diesel as I have heard but those are not things that I get from it.

It happens to be my favorite AVAILABLE hop (freaking citra and simcoe) and I loved the single hop IIPA I made out of it. Go for it!

I too get a lot of tangerine, citrus but with maybe a very, very slight onion or chive. Personally, I think its a nice variety.

I’m in the middle - with Summit I get onion/garlic out of the fermenter, then a little age and out pops the tangerine, but I think it’s grower/crop dependent.

If you’re looking for dank, try some Columbus, especially in the dryhop. I used an oz of 2011 pellets in an IPA and tapped the keg yesterday - skunky, ganja juice in a good way!

I have an APA that I use summit for bitter, flavor, aroma and dry hopping. About three oz. in a 5 gal batch. I mix it with EKG and it comes out smelling like sweet tangerine and floral. I’ve brewed it several times and never had any adverse aromas or flavors.

ive used to to bitter a IIPA, and enjoyed it very much. ive heard of an onion flavor, but never gotten that impression

A few months ago I brewed an american amber ale that I used summit, simcoe and saphir in, that turned out real good.

+1 for the simcoes… Bitter with the summits, aroma and flavor and dry hop with simcoes. I have a black IPA fermenting now, summit bitter, some centennials and simcoes and I will dry hop with the simcoes…only another 6 weeks til I can drink it :slight_smile:

[quote=“Shadetree”]I’m in the middle - with Summit I get onion/garlic out of the fermenter, then a little age and out pops the tangerine, but I think it’s grower/crop dependent.
That’s been my experience too. I brewed the Griffin Spit recipe from the Big Brew a few years ago and it was total onion smells out of the airlock for a couple of weeks but smooth tangerine when I bottled.

I don’t know how you guys get tangerine and citrus from summit, I really wish I could as it would probably be one of my favorite hops of all time. It probably is grower and perception related, but either way, I’ll be using the rest of my 1/2 lb to bitter just about everything with and maybe try some different combinations of hops with it. I brewed Nate smiths Dankness IPA which used Summits pretty heavy handed and found no onion with them. I think the quick 5 day dry hop had something to do with that too, but it was an awesome beer, and much like anything else in brewing, I have not written them off completely.

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