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Summer trip to San Diego. Places to go?

Looking for food and beer suggestions. We are foodies as well so a couple high end places might be on the agenda. I plan to hit up Stone while I’m there. I would really like to try Pliny while I’m out there but not sure if there are any places I can find it on tap without an 8hr drive up north.


You can (and should) find Pliny. At least in a bottle. ... -The-Elder

Also, make sure to get some Lost Abbey. I usually create foodie and beerie google maps to share, but don’t have one for SD.

Go to stone and their new spot liberty station (they may have pliney on tap) getting pliney from bottle shops can be a pain. normally they post on face book if they have it and limit the amount of bottles you can buy. Try holiday wine cellar in escondido if you go to stone. They have alot of beer. Also try green flash, ballast point, ale smith, white labs ( all with in 3 miles of each other) all in mira mar. Lost abbey/ port brewing are close to stone. Mother earth Is some what close also. Pizza port is cool. Coronado brewing is a cool spot ( the one on coronado island have food). There is so too many to list.

Downtown Jonny Brown’s (located in downtown) has many local taps and often have Pliny and or blind pig. Usually have several pizza port offerings as well which are under appreciated IMO.

I’ve been out there a few times to visit my son in Miramar. We really enjoyed Stone’s Bistro and AleSmith.

Agree on Alesmith. It was awesome. There are a bunch of breweries that are all near each other out there: Green Flash, Ballast Point, Alesmith, and a few others I can’t think of. we took a few hours one afternoon and visited about 3 or 4 of them. We also visited the White Labs tasting room. That was really cool as well, but has limited hours.

We stayed in LaJolla and didn’t visit Stone because it was so far from us. Check and see how far it is from where you’ll be staying. I was surprised by how remote it was, and ruled that out because of travel time. We were only there for 3 days.

Great beer town for sure. You’ll have plenty of options.

Stone is in Escondido which was a hike but well worth it in my opinion. It was about 30 miles from San Diego. Very nice place and the food is free range, organic and worth the price.

I found Pizza Port (solana beach) to be a little bit of a dissapointment.

It appears they have 2 bistro locations one in Escondido and one in Liberty Station which is right by the San Diego airport. We were planning on staying in the Mission Bay area but nothing official yet.

The Stone brewery in escondido is a must. They have pretty good food there too. Aside from breweries and food, the USS Midway is a pretty interesting excursion. Never been to the brewery, but Cornado has some good beers and a drive through the island is pretty sweet too. Especially if you want to hit up a quiet beach while visiting.


Aside from their great beer selection, the food is top notch and the atmosphere/grounds are cool and hip. We could never have someplace that good in Cleveland, you’ll not be disappointed.

These threads always depress me. Before I really got into craft beer (just started drinking Harpoon & Sierra Nevada at this point) and well before I got into brewing, my wife and I did a LOT of traveling around the US. We’ve been all over Cali, Florida, Louisiana, Canada (Montreal & Toronto), the Northeast (Rhode Island, Mass, etc). I so wish I could go back now as a craft beer fan. I would have searched out many more breweries, tasting rooms, brew pubs, etc. The traveling years and beer nerd years just didn’t align for me.

So, enjoy San Diego. Great city! Ballast Point, Green Flash, Coronado Brewing… lots of others in the area. Whether you get to Coronado Brewing or not, you have to check out the island. Very nice. My wife and I had the luxury of staying at Hotel Del Coronado while we were there.

Congrats and have a great time! Very much jealous over here :cry:

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