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Summer time brews

What are all your favorite summer brews? Lately ive been leaning towards the wheat beers. Just trying to get a discussion going

I usually make one wheat beer every spring for summer but skipped it last year because I had a lot left from 2020. So last summer I did a Saison and still have a bunch left this year. Haven’t done anything yet 'cause I’ve been lazy and the weather has not been great. Thinking maybe an English ale just for something different. A trip to the LHBS is in order.

Summer brew season here is traditionally DIPA’s. I’ve been doing Plinian Legacy with Off the Toppper, followed by Hazy Eights and Fruit bazooka for the past few years. I may squeeze in another two at the end of summer before I start getting ready for my annual pumpkin ale.


My whole trend has been towards lower ABV brews… Also, not having a freez-mentor has me using yeasts that are more aligned to cool room temps… Saison was a winner last summer! I also like mine with a higher CO2 per volume… I’ll call it… lively!

Yes ive been doing mostly lower ABV as well. The alcohol goes to your head quickly in the hot weather.

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I like the hefeweizen or white style in the summer. My current summer brew is a hefe with honey and strawberry named after my first born. I aim all of my beers on the stronger side.

I’m designing a summer wheat with a tiny bit of lemon zest, and a beat to turn it slightly purple (inspired by the long gone whacko ale from magic hat)… Naming it after my second born

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Geez… a name like whacko? Poor kid… (:
I’ve used lemon juice before for water treatment. pH is quite low… perhaps ditch my phosphoric acid whilst playing with the low and very pale brews… and, you needn’t use any PPE’s…

My go to summer beers are everything lagers. Light American, Mexican, Ambers/red. Also like gose- love the refreshing lactic character. But I also enjoy session IPAs too.

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My go to Summer beer’s are normaly light lagers but lately its been Cream ale. Light and easy sessionable and is a great canvas for fruit additions that are in season. Like Honeydew melon, Cantaloupe and Watermelon

Thats interesting I’ve recently been thinking of expanding my summer ale using different fruits that I have growing. I usually use a touch of citrus. I would like to keep it subtle. How much do you suggest. The melon sounds interesting

I like it sublte too. I puree mine 2 lbs to 2.5 lbs honeydew or Cantaloupe per 5 gallon.

Next question do you add it to the boiler

I been adding mine either near the end of primary fermentation or in secondary.

Yeah that’s why I like to hear what others are brewing gives me inspiration

IPAs here but thinking a nice Lager would be good to have on hand. Got a Hef on tap that’s a solid hot weather beer. Also have done a tart Cherry saison.


There you go Mr. Noob, a Kriek… cherry season is around the corner… are you near the cherry orchards? Time fer a little reading again…

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