Sulfur/egg smell

Hey guys. I’ve got 5 gallons of pasteurized cider that I fermented with Wyeast saison yeast. 3 weeks in primary and it was done, but when I cracked the lid today it off-gassed a pretty hefty egg fart smell. Tasted fine, but smelled sulfuric. I broke it down into 3/4 gallon jugs and capped and cold crashed … But now I’m thinking I should have racked into secondary for a few weeks. Any advice? Thanks!

Yep, that rotten egg smell(Sulfur dioxide I think) is fairly common with ciders during the first part of fermentation. Often means that the yeast didn’t have enough nutrients to begin with, but you can also get it with lager yeasts. The yeast will eventually clear it up. IME it’s usually gone before 3 weeks, but give her some more time and she will be OK. I probably would have left her on the yeast cake until it cleared up, but what’s done is done.

Keep it warm for a month or so and the sulfur will fade until it’s gone. Cheers!