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Sulfur as Fermentation Byproduct

I used WLP060 to ferment an American wheat, so some sulfur production was expected. Just sampled last night after 10 days in primary and it’s definitely noticeable in the aroma, although not as much in the flavor.

Question is…is there anything I can do to ensure it doesn’t end up in the final product? Cold conditioning isn’t really an option for me. I assume a bit more time on the yeast cake will help. But, I’m a bit nervous that even if the sulfur aroma disappears completely before bottling, it will pop back up again during bottle conditioning.

I was planning to primary for 10 days (assuming stable SG), dry hop for a week in the primary and then bottle. Stick with the plan?

I’d stick with the program, or at most wait a few extra days before dry hopping. A beer of mine had some subtle sulfur aroma after primary that was completely gone by the time I cracked the first bottle.

Yeah, I’ve got a little wiggle room time-wise, so have been thinking about waiting a few more days before dry hopping. Good thing I picked up another primary recently, so my next batch isn’t held up.

Also thinking about changing my hop variety to one that is more aromatic. Was going to use Glacier to make this a single-hop beer, but maybe Cascade would help mask any residual sulfur in the final product.

But then maybe I’m overreacting and just need to relax.

A little sulfur in the nose can be a good thing.

I found it to be unpleasant at this stage, as it was the dominant aroma. Be that as it may, I think I’ll just stick with my single-hop plan and ride it out.

I’ll say this for brewing…I’m learning to be patient as never before.

Time is the key. I believe a more vigorous fermentation will prevent this going forward. Yeast produces sulfur when it’s stressed… but there could be a number of reasons for that. Nutirents, temp, cell count, etc.

Not than anyone is losing sleep over this, but I thought I would post an update.

I left this batch in primary for 3 weeks. The sulfur odor was still faintly detectable when I bottled. After one week in the bottle, it had increased and was very noticeable. After a total of three weeks in the bottle, this beer has transformed nicely and I don’t detect even a hint of sulfur.

Also I stuck with the plan to use all glacier. I noticed the leaf hops I picked up from my LHBS were not very aromatic, and that comes through in the final product. I can’t even tell that this beer was dry hopped.

Turned out to be a very good beer, but I will probably use a cleaner yeast next time and dry hop with cascade.

Looks like 060 is supposed to leave a little lager sulfur characteristics.

1010 (American Wheat) threw a bunch of sulfur during fermentation for us. Fermented around 64. Week 1 wasnt terrible, week 2 had me wondering if it was going to be a dumper and week 3 kind of settled back down again. Left it in primary for an extra week, and that seemed to do the trick. No hints of sulfur at bottling, and it tastes pretty damn good.

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