Suggestions for a back up yeast

Curious on a suggestion of a dry yeast to have around as a backup. I thought my last batch wasn’t going to start and was wishing I had something around just in case. Thanks for your suggestions.

US-05 is what I keep on hand - dependable for both primary and backup applications.

+1…I’m a dyed in the wool wet yeast guy, but US-05 is a great dry all purpose standby. 04 is good too. I keep a few packets of each around just in case.

+2 I always keep some US-05 and S-04 on hand.

I keep S-04 on hand for bottling yeast.

+3 on the US-05. I usually prefer to use it in my American Ales anyways, but it’s good to have on hand just in case.

Add me to the list. I went from being a 100% liquid yeast user to US-05 being my go to yeast for my most of my american style beers. Always good to have a few packets on hand.

I use US-05 almost exclusively. Usually have 24-36 packets on hand.

+1 on US-05. I also like to have T-58 on hand for Belgian beers.