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Suggested bittering hop to pair with cascade flavor/aroma

I have about 2# homegrown cascade to use up this year. I made an all-cascade IPA, tastes good but didn’t quite get enough bitterness. This IPA is fairly light in body: OG around 1.064; malt is 10# 2-row, 2# 2-row mild, and 0.5# C60; yest is WY1056.

What bittering hops pair well with cascade ? I’m thinking Magnum if I wan’t to highlight the cascade. Any suggestions on other bittering hops to give a more complex flavor profile ?

Chinook is great for up front bitterness, like in SN Celebration. I think it’s a lovely match for Cascade.

Any of the “C” hops would work, Chinook as mentioned above, Centennial is similar to Cascade but more bitter, Columbus/tomahawk/zeus is considered more earthy/spicy/pungent and would probably add some complexity.

Amarillo, Simcoe, Centennial, Columbus, and Chinook all pair nicely with Cascade. Falconer’s Flight is good too. If you use Magnum, go heavier on the late Cascade since Magnum doesn’t add character. Or bitter with the Cascade and finish with Citra.

I like Chinook when want to highlight the grapefruit character. It gives the beer a strong bite of bitterness with a bit of an edge. I’ve found that Magnum and Perle work well for a milder beer, accenting the softer fruity and floral notes of Cascade. You may need to use more IBUs from these neutral bittering hops if you want the beer to have a pronounced bitterness, but they are good when you just want to balance the beer and get out of the way.

+1 again on chinook!!

I’ll probably go with Simcoe and Chinook in the next few batches and put Falconer’s flight on the list. I’ve heard of FF before but have not tasted it to my knowledge. Any comercial beers uusing that hop ?

+1 on Simcoe for bittering.

I haven’t seen or heard of any commercial breweries using FF, but one can hope…

Centennial, Chinook, Columbus, C-anythingelse should all accentuate the citrusy Cascades notes. Galena too.
Maybe try Fuggles and/or Northern Brewer if you want some contrasting flavor notes.

Magnum is great for clean bittering. It won’t impart any flavor and will let the Cascades shine. I personally don’t like mixing Simcoe and Cascade. But I am a big fan of Centennial and Cascade. If you want the Cascade to shine all by itself, bitter with Magnum. And dry hop with at least an ounce or two of Cascade.

I personally think using Simcoe for bittering is a waste of simcoe hops. The beauty of that hop is the in-your-face aroma that it brings. If you have a glut of simcoe great, if not, use Warrior, Galena, Nugget, Magnum, or any other high AA% hop that is cheap and smooth.

+1! Couldn’t agree more!

I like Magnum…but I really like Zeus…I make an all Zeus DIPA that I think is tasty…smooth bitterness from the early additions and as a dry hop it is loaded with sweet, tropical citrus…not piney citrus.

I just transferred a rye pale ale dryhopped with Simcoe and Crystal into the keg, and the aroma is unbelievable! I was practically salivating and can’t wait until this thing is ready to drink.

There was an all FF IPA put out by that brewery in Hawaii.
Mine was better. :twisted:

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