Sugar as NB Ingedient kit

I just received my first NB kit, it’s the Mosaic IPA, and noted that it has a pound of corn sugar I am to add during the boil.

Many places I’ve been reading caution against kits that include sugar as an ingredient, and that it can give a cidery flavor. Why would NB be using sugar as an ingredient?

The sugar increases the ABV without increasing body. It won’t give it a cidery flavor. You can add it late in the boil. Just make sure to remove the kettle from the heat and stir it in well before putting it back on the heat source. This will keep it from getting scorched on the bottom when you pour it in.

Sugar giving a cidery flavor is from a long,long time ago when the brew was mostly sugar and other poor ingredients. I certainly wouldn’t brew George Washington’s original ale recipe, but at the time ciders were the mainstay of homebrewing.

I’m with Flars on this, you’d need a lot more sugar to get a cidery taste than a pound or two in 5-gallons.

Greatly appreciated feedback.
Now on to brewing it up!

In addition, it will dry the beer out, which is why it’s used in this recipe.

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