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Sucks. Got four beers

Mmm running out of beer. Got 2 kegs and a keg 1/2 full. The rest fermenting

If you don’t have anymore big parties you may be able to make it through

Yes thats for sure a leson learned in the beer brew world

It’s a good reflection on your abilities as a brewer when your friends drink up all your beer. The down side is it can deplete your stock. I’m getting a bit low myself. I’ve got a keg each of porter, vienna lager and dunkel ready to drink and a couple buckets of IPA ready to be kegged. HAHA…sounds like a lot now that I listed them.

Didn’t brew much this summer because it was so hot that it just wasn’t enjoyable. Now that it’s cooling off I’m traveling a lot. I control ferm temp with swamp coolers so I need 3-4 days at home for ales and 5-6 days for lagers. Just not going to happen for the next month or so and I really need to get a pils going…

So far swmbo hasn’t bought off on any of my attempts to justify another chest freezer. The good news is my daughter won’t need her window AC at college any longer so maybe I’ll build that @mullerbrau inspired ferm room under the stairs I’ve been threatening to do.

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Well got still two kegs full. And one about 1/2 the other beers still fermenting. Did bunch of high grav beers. 8 to 10 weeks before ready. Well so be it .

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