Substitute for sucralose in the Bastard Stepson Rootbeer kit

I am not a fan of artificial sweeteners, and haven’t had a diet soda in about 20 years, for that reason. I was intrigued by this new addition to the NB extract line-up and wanted to give it a try. I understand that this kit includes sucralose but am wondering if there might be a substitute for that? Sucralose leaves an after taste that has been noted in this forum making the Bastard Stepson kit taste more like a diet rootbeer than an actual rootbeer. Would a different non-fermentable sweetener be an option, such as stevia? And if so, how much stevia would replace the 5 grams of sucralose in this kit?

I had Not Your Father’s Rootbeer when it first became available and liked it, but then a few months ago, had another and I don’t think it is made the same way anymore. It was not nearly as enjoyable the second time. So, when NB announced this kit, I thought maybe I would try my hand at making one that was more like the original that I remember…or am I mis-remembering it altogether?

Regardless, I am looking for some opinion on a replacement for the sucarlose.

I’d try xylitol. I’m in the same boat as you -artificial sweeteners taste awful to me. But this one is remarkably flavor neutral.

I’m not sure how it compares to sucralose, but it is much more sweet than table sugar. There might be some comparisons online, but your best bet would be to add to taste.

The only downfall, though, is that it can digestive cramps in some people. Might be best to try it in something before you commit a whole batch to it.

That’s a VERY euphemistic description.

Gastronuclear war maybe a better descriptor? Didn’t want to scare them away! I’m luckily one of the ones that it doesn’t affect.