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Substitute for brewer's crystals?

Best I can tell after some searching, brewer’s crystals are 55% maltose and 45% glucose
(corn sugar) and not available commercially. Can one buy maltose or is there a recommended substitute ?? One suggestion was just to use light DME.

Well…brewer’s crystals are supposed to raise the beer’s gravity and enhance mouthfeel without adding any malt flavor or color. DME will certianly raise the gravity and increase mouthfeel but it will also add malt flavor and color so it’s not a perfect substitute (although it also might be perfectly acceptable to use it - it’s not gonna result in “bad” beer)

It seems to me - and I’m just guessing here as I’ve never used brewer’s crystals - that a more accurate substitute would be a combination of corn sugar and maltodextrine. Perhaps a 50/50 blend ? ? The corn sugar will ferment out and increase the OG and alcohol % and the maltodextrine will not ferment but it will enhance body and mouthfeel.

Anyway, that’s something to think about in case no one comes up with a better idea

At first I thought that maltodextrine and maltose were esentially the same. After a bit of research, it seems that maltose is an easily fermentable sugar where maltodextrine is not fermentable. This isn’t a biggie one way or the other to me, more of a curiosity question. My guess is that ‘brewers crystals’ is something used in the past or maybe a by-product. These are listed by Surly Brewing as an ingredient in their Abrasive IIPA.

Well, I’ve been home brewing off an on since the mid 1980’s and I’ve nevere heard the term “brewer’s crystals” until today (not that I know all there is to know about brewing, but…) I had to look it up and read descriptions of what it is and why it’s used. It seems that its raison d’etre is to increase the body and mouthfeel of light-bodied, light-colored beers without affecting the lightness…which makes me wonder why anyone would want to do that instead of making another style of beer withthe appropriate characteristics, but that’s just me being silly I guess. Inany case, it’s Interesting…

Edited to add:

BTW - Cooper’s produces a product called “Brew Enhancer 1” that sounds an awful lot like 'Brewing crystals". Here’s their description of the product:

Brew Enhancer 1 (1kg) improves the body, mouthfeel and head retention of your favourite brew without altering the flavour. Coopers Brew Enhancer 1 contains dextrose and maltodextrin. The dextrose will ferment out completely with no residual cidery flavours whilst the maltodextrin does not ferment thus improving the body, mouthfeel and head retention. Recommended for use with your lighter style beers such as Lager, Draught and Pilsener.

[quote=“Surly”]Abrasive Ale, AKA 16 Grit, D.V.D.A.
We brewed this beer originally at the end of 2008 as a farewell to growler sales. As usual, we underestimated the demand for the first Double IPA in Minnesota. We brewed the beer again in the spring and released it as a draft only beer. It was originally called 16 Grit, a size of abrasive grit used at the old Abrasive factory that once stood where the brewery now resides.

STYLE: Double Oat IPA
MALT: 2-Row, Golden Promise, Oats, Lite Crystal
SUGAR: Brewers Crystals
HOPS: Warrior, Citra
YEAST: English Ale

OG: 19.5° Plato
ABV: 8.8% v/v
IBU: 120ish
AVAILABILITY: Late December-March
I wonder if they are using belgian rock sugar or something similar.

found this from

Description: Corn Syrup Solids - 56% Maltose, 16% maltotriose, 8% dextrose, and 20% higher saccharides.

•Mimics barley malt extract in fermentation profile.
•Use to boost alcohol content while maintaining body and mouthfeel.

I can’t imagine this used in small amounts <10% or so having much effect on a beer.

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