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Stupid yeast question

Hi, nube here. Question about ordering a kit, and the yeast options. Why does it make me select two yeast options? Is it because it requires two packets?

Which kit are you looking at? NB usually includes options from the various manufacturers, but you only need to pick one

A few of the “big beer” kits, that is higher original gravity / higher potential alcohol content, require 2 packs of the same yeast, unless you do a yeast starter. Those sort of beers also tend to require longer times to ferment and age before they are ready to drink. That may not be the sort of kit you want to start your home brewing hobby with. I have never seen a kit that requires you to make 2 yeast selections, however.

Thank you Steve. I am still a novice, but this is not my first try. This is for the all grain Two Hearted Ale clone called Dead Ringer. I’ve done partial mash kits, and I wanted to go ahead and try an all grain attempt, and I really like Two Hearted Ale, so if I can get a reasonable result, I know I’ll enjoy drinking it. So, it sounds like I should just check the box for both the yeast options, ordering two packs.
Thanks agian,

Actually, now I see I can select “none, I have my own yeast” for one of those options, and just order one yeast pack. I’m pretty sure that for a five gallon batch, the one pack should do it. I’ve never done a recipe that required two packs. But if anyone knows that this kit should be fermented with two packs of yeast, please let me know.

Hi Voltron, I didn’t see your post before. I think I answered your question with my response to Steve. For the Dead Ringer kit, should I just get one pack, and click “I have my own yeast” for the second option?

I would just click dry yeast packet… You can read about saving yeast so perhaps the next time you brew… You could have your own then…
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This is a good point, if you are choosing US-05 as your yeast, I try to keep a spare pack of that in my fridge for good measure. Looking at the Dead Ringer kit:

I’ve never seen that yeast option 1 selection before. Personally, I would chose none for that option with this kit.


Yes, I just looked up that page on NB. The two lines of yeast options is a bit strange. I wonder if its an error?

Looks like you were viewing the all grain kit option. The extract kit doesn’t have the two options, so I think it’s a website error.

I always thought it was for a different or a specific flavor. Different yeast create different flavors I thought?

Yeast can have radically different flavor profiles. IMO US05 is not one of those yeasts however.

Different yeasts can impart very different flavors in the finished beer. To further complicate things, different fermentation temperature for the same yeast can also impart very different flavors. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: US-05 is pretty clean in general.


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Thanks everyone, I appreciate your insights. I hadn’t thought about maybe buying an extra pack as a spare anyway. I don’t brew very often, but I hope to pick up the pace a little bit.

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I was thinking that NB and other businesses add a choice of yeasts for different levels of flavors and complexity to beer and wine.

Instead, most recipes are designed around the yeast, or they should be. So when you see a recipe you will usually have no more than two suggestions.

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