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Stumped 2

Now. Me created a asgard ipa. While ago. Perfect carbonation. But. No hop flav. Before kegging. Did a grav test and sample. Jummy. Now 2 weeks later. No more hop flav. Did pour last sat a pint. Nothing. So left it stand. Did try again. Yesterday. Nothing. Took it out of the kegurator. Did atach new keg. Of pilsner. Jummy. Nive flav and carbonation. I am confused. Dont know. Where the taste went

What what your hop schedule?

Usually this is an indication of oxidation in IPA.


Weird never had it happen. Hop schedule. 60 30 20 10 5 min. Magnum. Citra. Cetennial. Dry hop cetennial. Besides. I was wondering. Did had isues. With my inkbird. The probe did not. Work. So my beer did freeze. Could this what killed the hop flav. The other 3 kegs where fine.

Should have had plenty of flavor and aroma. I’ve had a beer freeze and it had similar qualities.

Than only thought left. Oxidation. Of the beer

If the oxidation hasn’t ruined the overall beer, ie not purple or putrid, you could keg hop a sizeable charge, say 2-3 ounces of your favorite hop in a paint strainer bag or similar, clip or tie to beverage out tube, albout halfway down, room temp for 5 days, then back into the kegerator, back on gas. Worth a try to get some flavor and aroma back(won’t do much for bitterness, maybe some). Leave bag in the keg till it kicks.

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Good plan Voodoo… Be suspicious… If O2’ed, then it may take a few more days before it totally wrecks the brew too… Aw nuts… Sneezles61


Did toss the whole beer into the drain last night. Bummer. Not bad in my 5 years brewing. Only 2 beers that i did toss out.

You can’t throw out bad brews if you don’t try to brew… Its a sad situation… but you’re still giving it… thats good… Sneezles61

No never give up the strive to create the perfect beer. In search of the holy grail.


Asgard IPA. . .was it not worthy of picking up the hop aroma? :innocent: Sorry to hear it was a dumper Wilco.


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Well been thinking over a ipa and a sigar. Should i try to fix it. Made a choice toss it out. Brew the asgard again.

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