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Stuffed Jalapenos

If you haven’t tried stuffed jalapenos off the grill or smoker yet, I highly recommend it. They are simple to do and are always a real crowd pleaser at any gathering. Here is a simple recipe that I put together and they are sure to be a hit.
Stuffed Jalapenos
20 large jalapeno peppers

Stuffing mix:
8oz cream cheese
8oz shredded sharp cheddar cheese
4oz cooked pepper bacon.
1tsp smokey chipotle rib rub
3/4tsp onion powder
3/4tsp garlic powder

Soften cream cheese and mix all ingredients in the stuffing mix well. Cap and core jalapeno peppers and use a butter knife to push stuffing mix into all of the peppers until even with the top. Place in upright jalapeno rack and place on grill or in smoker, peppers are done when they begin to bend and stuffing mixture bubbles up.

Save a few for me, I am coming over…

The more the merrier. I can always make more. :wink:

One thing for sure you want these babies to be one of the last things off the grill, or they’ll gone by the time anything else is ready.

If you really want to push those bad boys over the edge you wrap some bacon around the outside as well!

Looks delicious!

Interesting thing about wrapping the outside with bacon is that everyone seems to take it off. Not sure why but that has been my experience. And the using of pepper bacon in the stuffing goes over a lot better than regular bacon.

Nice Baratone! Stuffed jalepenos used to be a staple every time I had more than two people over. I switched to Anaheims to reduce the heat, and not have to cook so many. Plus, without that neat little stand you have it is hard to keep the cream cheese all inside the pepper; instead of gooey in the bottom of the grill. Also, last time I made jalepenos my brother ate one that was insanely too spicy and went into a catatonic fit for an hour: sneaky little buggers sometimes.

I’ve got a pepper corer that removes as much membrane as you wish to help control the heat. Slide it into the pepper and twist. It has blades on the sides that lets you remove the membrane and cores out the seeds very well. Want a little more heat, leave a bit more membrane and a few seeds behind.

Made some of these last night. Turned out great.

Although they are kind of a PITA to make, but what delicious food isn’t.

Here’s an alternative that my wife whipped up for our St. Paddy’s party which were devoured in no time.

Off the top of my head the ingredients are:

  • Jalapenos
  • Smoked blackpepper white cheedar cheese
  • Cabbage
  • bacon
  • sausage(breakfast- mild)
  • beer (she used some Firestone Walker DBA)

Cut the jalapenos in half, long ways, remove desired amount of seeds.
Cut cabbage up into small pieces.
Cube cheese

In skillet brown sausage, then add cabbage and beer, simmer until the majority of beer has “evaporated”, the skillet will be left with the the sweet malt on the bottom, deglaze with a little more beer and mix in cheese.

then stuff jalapeno with mixture, wrap with bacon, put on baking sheet and repeat.

bake in oven at probably 400-425, until bacon is cooked and serve.

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