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Stuck fermentation

Hi all,
I’ve got a hefeweizen with a stuck fermentation. OG was 1042. Its been almost 3 weeks not, has been sitting at 1025 for two of them. I think I’ve narrowed the culprit down to poor DME for my starters. My question is I was planning on re-fermenting in the bottles. If I add some new yeast with the priming sugar am I going to have bottle bombs? Should I just add the yeast and no sugar? Any thoughts?

Don’t bottle it until you are sure fermentation is done. You will have bottle bombs. Swirl the fermenter, raise the temp and see if you can get the yeast going again. If not, pitch some more yeast. Is this an all-grain batch?

Have you calibrated your hydrometer?

Yes it is all grain. I have a refractometer that I use. I think I may re-pitch and see what happens.

How about your thermometer? Have you checked to be sure that it is accurate at mash temps? Could you have mashed too high? That would give you a less fermentable wort.

I’ve got two thermometers and as far as I can tell they are OK, but I should check those. My mash came in a bit low actually. I did a step mash, and my sach rest came in at about 150, wanted a tad higher.

So your refractometer is reading ~6.2°Bx? That corresponds to an FG of about 1.013. ... g-results/
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