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Stuck fermentation

I believe I may have a stuck fermentation. Pitched the wyeast 2007 Fri. evening into the fermenter water temp around 56f. Basement temp at 56. Have the krausen head but no visible co2 action in the airlock. I am bringing up the temp to see if this may wake the yeast up. any other suggestions. May not be able to obtain more yeast until Wednesday because of the weather here.

Give us some more details on your brew. Original gravity. Amount of yeast pitched. Production date of the yeast pitched. Fermenting in a carboy or bucket.
All of these will help troubleshoot your situation.

The og is .054 I used 2 packs of 2007 wyeast. I have a 14.5 stainless conical. I don’t have the date handy for the yeast as I thru the packets away. but they both inflated very well. bought the yeast thru northern brewer

Check to be sure your conical is sealed properly. If there is a krausen, then there is fermentation.

I changed the o-ring on the cap and it I am beginning to see activity. Unfourtunatly the first o-ring fell into the fermentor

Sounds like you are fine. I have dropped all sorts of things into my beer before. Once found a pair of scissors what had fermented for 2 weeks in my primary. Turned out the best beer I ever made. :lol:

In my last batch I pitched the stir-plate’s stirring rod. :smiley:

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