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Stuck At 1.030

Hello, I have the Fresh Squished IPA that I pitched US-05 15 days ago and I checked with my refractometer (I checked for zero) and it’s at 1.030 which is the same that is was a week ago. Can I put in another pack of US-05? If so, does the timer start over for another 10 days of fermenting? I think I messed up cause I didn’t use enough water to rehydrate the yeast, like half required if not more.

Thank you for the help.

Well there is something to be said about reading through the forum before posting.

By reading other threads I was reminded that when alcohol is present the refractometer reads different.

I used the Brewer’s Friend online calculator and with OG at 15.3/1.062 and a FG of 7.5ish/1.030 that puts me to about 7% ABV and I think that will do just fine LOL.


Glad you found your answer. I was going to mention that I never rehydrate US-05. I just pitch directly into the wort, let it sit for about 10-15 mins, then give it a big whip with my mixstir. US-05 has always been very reliable for me.



I thought I was being all cool with rehydrating but I think I just create another opportunity for things to go wrong and I’m good at that. LOL.

Thanks for the reply, it helps to know about US-05 and saving a step.

Glad you got it figured out! Same here. I’ve not ever rehydrated a dry yeast. Glad you dig into the forum. There are TONS of info on just about every question one might have.

Happy brewing!

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I don’t use a refractometer but from everything I have read here it seems like measuring the FG would be better with an old fashion hydrometer.

Nicely done! You successfully found the correct answer that most others miss. :slight_smile:

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