Strawberries,whole or purée?

I have an American wheat in the primary fermenter. After 1 week in primary I plan to rack into secondary with strawberries. The strawberries are frozen. Should I cut strawberries in half, place in muslin bag & place in fermenter? Or should the strawberries be puréed & poured in?

In theory, puréed & poured in should give you the most flavor for the quantity of fruit. In practice, strawberries don’t do well when added to anything with active yeast. The yeast consume the sugars in the strawberries and also do something to change the flavor so it no longer tastes fresh. I have yet to figure out a way to use strawberries in beer that I’m happy with.

If you make it work, let everyone know how.

I had a strawberry rhubarb wheat at the GABF that was really good. Not sure how to prep or add the rhubarb so thought I’d start with the strawberry first to see how that goes.

Drew Beechum states in his cider book that getting strawberry flavor in cider is very difficult to do and fades away in a couple of months. He says put the fruit in but be prepared to add extract or some other strawberry flavoring. I’m assuming this would be true of beer too?

Matches my experience. Wine is similar. Any time I hear of someone getting strong strawberry flavor in a fermented beverage, I immediately suspect artificial flavorings.

I do puree for my strawberry cream ale.

Can you give me details on amount of strawberries & timing of the addition of strawberries? Do you pasteurize the berries? What about flavor achieved, do you add extract or extra flavoring?
My plan was to cut up 6lbs frozen strawberries & put in muslin bag & place in secondary. Will I get much flavor this way in a 5 gallon batch?