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Stove cleaning

Is Star SAN good to clean a stove top after a boil over or should I use something else

If it’s baked on, Star San isn’t going to make a dent in it. Search the internets for some baking soda based remedies - that might do the trick.

Star San is an acid-based no-rinse sanitizer”, not a cleaner.

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Try PBW ? Make a paste let it sit and do its job to soften up the slop… Sneezles61

Barkeepers Friend is one of the least abrasive cleaners recommended for stainless steel and the stove top. I use it often for any of the baked on crud around the burner rings.

I will add to this thread that PBW does great things around the house. Our water glasses had hazy, cloudy buildup, and a pbw soak cleaned them right up. Scorched orzo on the bottom of a stainless pot? Two days soak in dish soap barely made a dent, but an hour in PBW took care of it. So I’d try PBW.


I’ll sprinkle some PBW in a fry-pan when there is burnt crud on the bottom. Add water, bring to a boil and let cool. Most of that stuff comes off when the sponge touches it. Still need a little elbow grease in places, but PBW does 90%

I even sprinkle it on my French toast! What a wonderful way to clean yer innards!!:joy: Not really… Sneezles61

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