Stout faucet question

Can you use a stout faucet with a traditional CO2 system? Would you get similar results. Just asking.

My experience was no. I bought a stout faucet a few weeks ago and tried it. I tried several different methods and it was either a glass of foam or a glass of beer that was not as good as with my regular faucet. When the co2 runs out I will use beer gas which I believe is what most people use.

If you want the cascading effect, creamy head and silky smooth stouts and ales try the syringe trick. You will be amazed.


How many CC’s of beer vs how many CC’s of air do you use with the syringe trick??

Not sure off the top of my head (I’m at work right now) but it’s not much and the mix is not really crucial so long as there is some air. If there is no air it doesn’t work. I use a syringe that was for refilling injet cartridges. Not sure if a medical syringe would work as well or not.

I had read on a forum about the syringe trick and some skeptics said it didn’t work. So I remembered the injet syringe I had and gave it a try with some oatmeal stout. Not only does it look like a pint pulled by a beer engine, it also tastes like it. Truly amazing. It also worked great with John Palmers elevenses.

Be warned though, if you get too ambitious you will be cleaning up a mess!


Thank you sir… I’m brewing elevenses this weekend, and plan on trying this method when served. All I have right now is a medicine syringe out of childs motrin or something similar. We shall see how it goes!!