Stout critique please

looking to brew up a dry stout - “guinness like” I guess. Want something roasty, but not harsh/burnt. Something relative low alcohol (this should come in at 1.045 on my set up). Want it to be smooth, creamy, rich, but not super heavy or overpowering. I started with the recipe out of brewing classic styles - but subbed in some chocolate and midnight wheat in place of half pound of roast barley thinking it would provide a smoother roast flavor. Acidulated is just for mash pH. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

6.5 gallons

8 lbs optic malt
1.5 lbs flaked barley
.75 lbs roast barley
.5 lbs flaked oats
.25 lbs midnight wheat
.25 lbs chocolate
3 ounces acidulated

2 oz. EKG at 60 min.
.5 ounce Glacier at 60

London ESB 1968 yeast
IBU’s 35
SRM 36

As a matter of taste, I wouldn’t use 12 oz of roasted barley, I’d go more like 4. With all of the dark malt, you don’t need acidulated malt - pH won’t be an issue. Otherwise, looks good.

My water is very alkaline. Even cutting my water 40% RO, Bru’n water is giving me a pH of 5.5 (with the acid malt). Goes to 5.7 without it.

Looks like a solid recipe. I made a dry stout not long ago that included some toasted oats. Helps the body for sure.

Question, why the two hops at 60min?

Finally, I had a mild that inadvertantly got soured and I’ve been pouring a little of this in with the stout I made. Really brings a nice aspect to the blend, a hint of sour cherry.

The two hop additions are simply because I wanted to get to 35 IBU’s and I only had 2 ounces of EKG handy. I have a ton of other hops on hand, and rather than open up my new pound of EKG for a half ounce, I just threw in some glacier to bring it up to 35.

Funny you should mention the sour aspect… gonna brew another stout in the next few days and going to ferment it with Roeselare yeast to sour it and also going to add 24 ounces of door county pure cherry concentrate… give it a year or two, and see what happens with it.

Sounds like the makings of a fine Flanders red!

Yep - that is kind of what I am shooting for. New Glarus Cherry Stout at Great Taste of the Midwest this summer was awesome, and I am hoping to make a vague attempt at something like that.

I’ve never gotten the roast character I want with less than 1lb of completely pulverized 500 SRM roasted barley.

I do like the roast to be prominent too. I think the 3/4lb would be adequate for that with the chocolate and midnight bringing in the richness.