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Stout beer. Using vanilla beans

Plan to brew next saturday a stout beer. Now working on the recipy. Think about adding. Vanilla beans. Do i boil. Or dryhop. The beans. It a 3 x 10 gallon batch. How. Many beans. Would i use.

Put them in secondary for sure - boiling will kill off most of the aromatics. When you brew the beer, split open the vanilla beans, scrape the inside, and put it in a jar with some decent bourbon or vodka. Add the whole thing to secondary, or as primary winds down. Depending on the quality of the beans, 2-3 pods makes a fairly strong impact on 5 gallons. Heck, you could even strain the bourbon and add it to the keg… that way you can dial in exactly how much vanilla you want. It does fade fairly quickly, so maybe start out a bit heavy.


Definitely add after fermentation. Leave it in until it’s just a bit more flavor than you really like, because the vanilla flavor fades fast.

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Thanks will try this

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