Storing Stir Bars

Just a quick piece of advice about storing stir bars. If you use a magnet to hold your stir bar in your flask when pitching. After cleanup keep you stir bars stored away from magnets. I’ve had this ruin a few stir bars over the years. I also recommend that you keep your stir bars stored separately.

I stick them to my washing machine which is next to my sink in the basement… Does a good job of keeping them from getting lost :wink:

Interesting. I store my collection of stir bars in a clump inside a drawer. Does this lower their magnetism or something?

If you forget one stored with a neodemeum magnet attached to it for a prolonged period it seems to drain one side or affect polarity. A perfectly good stir bar you’ve used a 100 times will start throwing. On my stir plate a stir bar that has been affected will not center on the plate and throw shortly after. Changing out the bar fixes the issue.

Interesting. Thanks for the insight!

I’m lazy. I store my stir bar in my flask after cleaning and drying it.

I’ve got several different sizes and have them all in a zip-lock bag sitting on top of the refrigerator (my wife’s not tall enough to see them up there). I shoot a squirt of sanitizer in the bag when I put one back, and then sanitatize it when I get one back out to use.

One tip that has saved a few stir bars that I forgot and poured down the sink is I tie wrapped a strong magnet to the s trip in the drain. It has always saved the stir bar.

This is one reason I read this forum. As a noob, I have been storing each stir bar I bought in a different place until I need one again, ie: primary bucket, secondary carboy and once in compost pile.
This adventure seemed so simple five months ago. I have honestly enjoyed the learning curve (a the results) so far.