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Storing kegged beer at fermentation temp

I have a beer carbing but wanted to beer another batch. What if I raise temp from 40 to 65 to ferment. Should I just leave gas connected for 3 days while keep temp of fermenting beer?

You can but it won’t continue to carbonate unless you bump up the psi. As you know the volumes of CO2 is dependent on the temp of the beer. At 65° you would need 30psi to achieve 2.58 volumes.

Right not planning on adjusting pressure to keep carbing. I will just resume after I get the other beer going to a few days.

I do as you say. I’ll pull a keg off line and just leave it at room temperature until ready to move it back in. I don’t leave it on gas but may give it a burst now and then to keep it sealed

Brewed a Rye IPA last night but couldn’t get it lower than 70 ish. Raised the temp in chest freezer to 65 and stuck the bucket into freezer overnight but I guess the mass of the cold keg caused it to drop down to 61 when I checked on it this morning. So I ended removing the keg completely and just pitched some US-05 at 61 and let it go.

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Does anyone use the slosh-carbing method? I’m just returning to the hobby after almost a decade break but I read [here in these forums] a technique that involved gently sloshing a cornie while pressurized to speed-carb a batch. I don’t recall the exact pressure recommended but it was only 20% (maybe) over serving pressure.

Essentially, you pressurize to this point, disconnect, then just gently rock the cornie to and fro. As the co2 is absorbed, you reconnect, bring it back up to the target pressure, then repeat until it takes less and less. Once you set it down and get your 11lb or whatever reading, you’re there.

Like i said, the steps are fuzzy in my head bc it’s been a while but I remember it working like a dream.

Anyone else do this?

Yep. I call it the shake 'n bake method. There’s several of us on here that use that method. I crank it up to 30psi; purge the keg a few times; then shake it for 90 seconds. Let it rest for a couple minutes at 30 psi, then shake it for another 90 seconds. That’s usually about where I need it, but it benefits from another day or two at serving pressure (which is about 10psi for me).

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Cool! I was tossing that around in my head all the way to work this morning thinking… “Dang… did i really do that??” LOL

Thanks for the sanity check! hahaha

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