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Storing Ingredients

Naturally buying in bulk saves you money. I was wondering how long Dry Malt & Corn Sugar stay good, and the best way to store them ?? Thanks.

Malt: Order uncrushed. Store dry, and you’re good for a year, at least. I use food safe buckets. With a twist on lid. Vittles vaults are another popular option.

Corn sugar? I’ve never used it. We’re a beet sugar household. My father in law would have me killed for having anything else.

Seriously, though, you don’t need to stock any special sugar. Table sugar is fine for priming.

@uberculture Do you use table sugar during a boil as well? I have used table sugar up to 2 lbs during a boil and have had no off flavors thus far. Although it does take another week or two before the brew hit its stride taste wise.

I have… not often, though. Last time, I added invert sugar (Lyle’s golden syrup). I think most simple syrups/sugars react pretty similarly.

The one thing I will advocate is holding off on sugar until after fermentation starts. I will usually add at the end of primary.

When you say end of primary, do you mean 2 weeks ish? Do you rouse the yeast then? I would assume you could transfer on top of sugar that you were adding so that you didn’t have to rouse yeast in primary.

DME and corn sugar will keep indefinitely if it is kept dry. Sugar is a natural preservative. It can’t harbor bacteria or mold unless it is introduced on some other material. Moisture can turn a bag of DME into a brick but it is still good. A lot harder to dissolve though.

I keep opened bags inside a zip lock bag as a second line of defense. So far no bricks. With the first brick I might use the vacuum sealer.

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What i did i did buy a vacume food sealer machine. For the dme. Stick hops in the fridge as well the lme. Grain wise did buy. Airtight plastic containers. Seems to work

I just started buying my grains (uncrushed) in 50 to 55 lb bags. One of the bags has a best by 2018 dating on it. If stored cool and dry, you’ll be good for a while. I store them in the bags inside plastic totes.

My (not crushed) grain goes in a plastic bin where it is relatively cool and dry. Hops in freezer. Yeast in fridge. I think dry yeast can go in the freezer. Yes, DME needs to be sealed from moisture or it clumps.

I have never had left over LME. What do you all do with that? It’s a sticky mess fresh.

Using sugar, I used to try all kinds of sugars and mostly now only go with, sucrose (table sugar). I add it last 15 min of the boil or so and keep it to 1lb or less per 5 gallons of wort. Use the same for priming.

Sugar got a bad rap back in the dark ages of home brewing that it would turn your beer “cidery”. Unless you use way too much, you will not notice any difference in taste with table sugar IMHO. It will boost the alcohol and thin out your beer.

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Thanks to you all for your input. I will try to get some good, air tight containers just for my dry goods. Happy Holidays !!

I use Vittle Vaults and food grade buckets with lids to store grains. I only keep DME around for starters and usually keep in ziploc bags in a bucket.

This one holds the biggest sack I buy which is 55 lb bags of avangard malz. I think I got mine for 22.99 a couple years ago.

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