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Storing Brew Equipment in Cold Temps

Hey guys,

I live in Montana and an working on setting up a work station in my garage. I am thinking about creating a space to store my brewing equipment to get everything out of the basement. However, my garage is not heated/insulated, so it would definitely get below freezing during parts of the winter months, sometimes for long periods of time.

Some of the equipment I plan on storing would be large glass carboys, empty glass bottles & plastic equipment such as siphons & tubing. I am mainly concerned about the cold cracking the glass equipment, but I figured I would check here to see if anyone else has experience storing equipment in the cold & whether I should be worried or not.


No problem storing glass or other equipment in freezing temperatures as long as they contain no liquid. This is especially important for wort chillers.

Glass carboys should never touch concrete. Store on a soft pad or shelf. Cover the mouth of a carboy with aluminum foil or cloth instead of a stopper. This will prevent glass stress from changing internal pressure when the temperature fluctuates. During warm weather cloth may work best to prevent trapping humid air in carboys which could lead to moldy dust.

Let cold glass and plastics warm slowly to room temperature before using to prevent stress cracking.

You should be good with just the simple precautions.


Thank you flars. That is what I figured, but I didn’t want to learn the hard way by cracking my expensive carboys. I appreciate the advise!

Maybe somewhere down the road, insulate perhaps just the ceiling? You’d be surprised just how much warmer a building can get… Then a space heater? Sneezles61

I’d be concerned bringing a glass carboy inside from a freezing garage. As for the rest of the stuff, just make sure it’s been drained.

No prob. I would not bring a real cold carboy. Into a warmer. Area. It might crack due to the. Temp rapid change

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Depends on how cold. The tubing may crack and the glass would be very brittle if your talking negative numbers

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