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Store brands missing label info

While reading the thread on cider I got to thinking about something. My wife likes apple juice in the morning so we usually buy it at Aldi. They have Michigan (I think) natural juice that is pasteurized but not all the time. Their other apple juice is one of their brands but all the label says is distributed by Aldi and whatever their US corporate office address is. So there is no way without making a PIA of yourself to find out if and where it is imported from. If it’s China I might opt out and go somewhere else.

If I recall correctly Walmart had problems with this on meat packaging and now many say “born and raised in the USA” They leave out the killed and slaughtered part lol. I looked it up and on meat there is/was a country of origin label or COOL law. It was repealed by congress in 2015 because it “discriminated against Canada and Mexico”. I’m not sure how that works since the origin would be on the label regardless of what country.

Back to Aldi. I guess I could ask the manager and see how far that goes or try to contact them online.

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I think it’s safe to assume that processed foods are coming from outside the US if they aren’t labeled. For example all the ground beef served in fast-food chains comes from outside the US, while a steak most likely was grown/processed in the US. China (#1) produces 44 million tonnes of apples a year while the USA (#2) produces 4.6 million tonnes. Poland (#3) produces 3.6 million tonnes of apples. SOURCE

I do think. Aldi a german company. The products might come out of. Europe. But on the other hand you never know. Might be. China. Or Chernobyl

My daughter is a manager in one of the Aldi stores. I would quiz her about it but she has been busy due to pandemic shopping, two kids and just gave their father the boot. She does like working for them. European businesses seem to take better care of their employees.

I still think labels on food should be clearly marked where it came from.

Think. European. Supermarket. Chains. Like. Ahold. Or aldi. Do take. Good care. Of their employees they did give even. A raise due to the covid. They. Work overtime. To keep the shelfs full

Those three legged chickens come from Chernonbyl. :eye::eye:


That is why there are old numbers of chicken wings in a package.:wink:

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