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Stone's new Go-To IPA

I just picked up a six pack of Stone’s new Go-To IPA. Honestly, it left me unimpressed. Fizzy yellow hop bomb comes to mind. There is a tone of citrus and tropical fruit flavors from the hops, but there is no malt character, or it is just overpowered by the hops. If I had a choice, I would go with Founder’s All Day IPA over Go To IPA. Founders has more balance versus Stone’s approach of an aggressive hop schedule.


Otter Creeks Session IPA is really good. One of my go to lawnmower beers last summer.

Had one of these on Saturday, my thoughts were similar to yours, pretty nice hop character but really lacking any sort of maltiness to balance that out. I also like the Founders All Day IPA better than this one. Otter Creek Hop Session Ale and Notch Left of the Dial IPA are also nice session style “IPAs”.

Picked some up and hell I make beer this good…and I don’t feel I make that great of beer. Over bitter, very over bitter.

Try Victory Headwaters Pale ale, in my mind this beer is in the same class of the aforementioned beers and is by far the best.

I did like go to IPA but would agree it could use more body, its a little on the wattery side.

I think the idea of a session IPA completely defeats the purpose of an IPA. I agree with the original poster.
Skip this and get their IPA. Yummo.

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