Stirring after primary

I had an interesting thought but am very hesitant to try it before bouncing the idea off the experts. I have a chocolate stout in primary now. It is day 21 in the primary, and I added the cacao nibs at day 5. I plan to leave it for another 2 weeks, and I thought, would it help in rousing the flavors from the nibs if I opened up the primary and took my sanitized spoon and gently stirred the beer, being careful to not incorporate any oxygen into the beer. I keg my beers so I have a CO2 canister that I could use to purge the bucket after stirring and prior to covering it back up for the next two weeks.Would this help, hurt, or have absolutely no impact on the beer? Any thoughts?

I don’t know if it would help anything but if if makes you feel good just swirl the sealed fermentor to agitate if. I would be reluctant to open it and stir with a spoon .

I’ve heard of people bubbling CO2 through their beer to rouse the hops. I suppose it may have an impact on cacao nibs, but I don’t think I’d stir it with a spoon either. Since you have CO2, maybe just sanitize a piece of tubing and bubble CO2 from the bottom of the fermenter to get some movement in the beer. Should have the same effect as stirring without the oxidation part.

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