Still not fermenting

Just Brewer the dead ringer IPA last night. Pulled a late one after legging my cider and filled the carboy with the dead ringer at about 2am. Wort was about 68- 70 degrees and pitched yeast dry. It’s 11am now (9hrs) and there is no activity what so ever. I’ve Brewer quite a few beers over the last 2 years when I started and have never seen a beer take this long to take off. Pitch another pack of yeast?
This is also only the 2nd beer I’ve pitched dry yeast, should I rehydrate and pitch again this time? Want to to straighten this out before it’s too late.

Safale US-05 has never failed me so I would give it more time. I also never rehydrate it except one time comparing a rehydrated packet to one sprinkled right into a carboy with wort from the same 20 gallon batch. No difference I could see.

68-70° should get it rockin’ pretty quick though. What is the temp the fermenter is in?

So the carboys sitting in the closet off of the living room which is at 70. Id be surprised if the closet is more than a few degrees off and there’s still barely any activity at all. It’s been about 14hrs now.

Hmm 70 is plenty warm if not too warm. This is an extract kit, right? If so it would be hard not to have enough fermentable sugars for the yeast to get going. If it doesn’t get going soon another packet of 05 would not hurt but I’m surprised it hasn’t taken off yet.

Exactly my thinking. I’ve got another yeast pack in the fridge. I think I’ll pull it out tonight before bed and if it hasn’t taken off before I head to the firehouse tomorrow morning I’ll pitch it and cross my fingers.
I’d like to thank you guys for the input. Really appreciate it!

And yes, it is an extract kit (wish I could afford mash equipment) and I keep racking my brain trying to figure out if I did something wrong and there’s no way I did. All I can think is that the yeast was a little old.

I wouldn’t worry too much with no activity for 24-36 hours. But if she’s still quiet tomorrow morning, go ahead and repitch to give yourself peace of mind.

Sounds good man. I think that’s what I’ll do. I’m kind of feeling like I’ve been lucky this whole time to not deal with something like this as long as I’ve been brewing, which isn’t very long.
I’m pulling out the yeast once I’m done typing this and I’ll keep you posted for what happens.