Still fermenting?

So last night I went to take a gravity reading from my fermenting Rye Stout that I brewed Nov. 10. I opened the primary and lo and behold the was still a thick head on top of what I am guessing was Krausen (sp).
could it really be still be fermenting after 15 days?
this normal? abnormal?


for reference its the Rye Stout Extract Kit from NB here
the yeast was Wyeast 1450 Denny’s Favorite

Put the top back on, give it a couple swirls to loosen up the krausen. Check again in a day or two and if necessary, repeat. For some reason, I have also had this issue with 1450.


Did you take a reading? I’ve found that some krausen sticks around for a while time to time. Sometimes I just kind knock the side of the bucket to disrupt it and it falls back down. 15 days seems like a long time to still be fermenting.

I didn’t touch it, just stuck the lid back on and went and checked on my Wheat Ale.

I think I shall jostle the bucket lightly this evening…and take a gravity reading.
doesn’t sound like I have any emergency on my hands at least