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Stiegl Radler Clone

Hi Everybody! I want to make a Stiegl Radler clone for my wife and would appreciate everyone’s input…

I have 5 gallons of Czech pilsner almost done fermenting right now… I saw one recipe that recommended blending 2.5 gallons of a Czech pils with 4 oz of dried grapefruit peel.

The other option I see is blending the pilsner with grapefruit soda or juice but then my concern is restarting fermentation with the sugar from either of those sources.

Anyone have experience or thoughts on this?

Grapefruit peel would be interesting… Even adding juice and keeping it very cold would at least stall the fermenting process Sneezles61

Just blend it in the glass. I’m pretty sure that’s the traditional method anyway

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But radler is alcohol free ??? They do sell it here. Just water with a flav and some carbonation

Yup, beer and lemon lime soda. Radler= cyclist liter. It was mixed for bicyclists. How it got to be grapefruit I do not know.

Seems like mixing it in a glass would allow you to mix it to your own taste.

My father in law used to drink it. I thought it odd but he said he learned it from the British in North Africa during the war. He liked to wear those khaki shorts as well.


I would like to have the radler pre-mixed in the keg… Just one less thing to do. Do I run the risk of restarting fermentation if I mix my beer with the Jarritos grapefruit soda in the keg? The pilsner I’m blending with is brilliantly clear and has been cold conditioning in my kegerator for 2 weeks. I’m sure there is still some yeast in the beer but is it really enough to worry about restarting fermentation?

As long as you keep it cold it shouldn’t restart.


Thank you. Radler turned out great - I wish I could share with you all

You’d have a lot of driving to do… :grin: Sneezles61

I’m lazy… I’d just send it if it was affordable!

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Affordable…and legal you mean!

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