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Ok since nobody talked me off the cliff and @damian_winter actually gave me a little shove I’m jumping. I have the fire going and the strike water heating. Damian and BYO gave me some ideas. Originally it was to be a smoked Porter but since it’s usually done as a German lager that’s where I’m going. I had some Munich and pilsner I wanted to use up anyway

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Anyone interested here’s my process. It 3 gallons. Mashing around 155. Heating a chunk of granite in apple wood coals in the wood stove. After I get my first running in the pot goin to drop in the red hot rock. Hopefully some of the wort will carmelize. Then add the second runnings and continue the boil. I’ll stir with my poker which I will keep hot in the fire. Then you know the rest. I’ll try to get my wife to film me putting in the rock.


Viel Glück ( good luck ) my friend. I’m very interested in how it turns out. Even though it German I always wanted to try a Scottish ale that way. Luckily with the new job I’m getting ready to start I will have more time to brew and finish the the book that almost 90% done. You will have to post video or email it to me if you dont mind to ( like I said I always wanted to try it) it on my list of brews to do one day hopefully soon

Have the camera on a tripod for the filming. A violent volcano or just a lot of sizzling could cause your wife to jump back a ways.

I hope this doesn’t result in some safety issues. I’m interested in the results though.

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If it goes bad I’ll post it to jackass

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Sitting hear waiting I’m thinking about leaving the rock in for fermentation. I think maybe next time

I want to see you pull that rock thru the racking cane… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Sneezles61

Ok the vid is uploading I’ll post it shortly. I put the rock in the first and poured the wort on to which worked great. The rock was 650 deg and the wort steamed and boiled immediately. Also be careful stirring with the poker it flashes. I think the poker is carmelizing a bit more


Well it’s tucked in and in the garage where the temp is in the 50s. Really hard to tell from tasting the wort to sweet to taste the smoke yet

Thanks for posting video brewcat

Looks cool!!!

Very cool @brew_cat thanks for posting the vid. I agree with @damian_winter that would work nicely in a Scottish ale. The caramelized flavor would be perfect.

Well I’ll let it ferment out and I’ll post the results. The stone smells great. I’m going to store it in a Ziploc for next time. Actually went pretty smoothly and got the wort boiling no wait. I found pouring the wort over was not as explosive as I expected. I was worried about the pot melting but the pot was wet and I got it poured on pretty quick.

Taste this yet?

Still fermenting slow and steady at 46 deg

Update. Fermented to .011 so it’s probably done or close. I’m tasting the sample. It’s warm and flat so for what it’s worth. It doesn’t taste burnt but it doesn’t taste smokey either. It has something I can’t put my finger on maybe mineraly if that’s a word. That could be in my head though. I’ll have to see what carbonation brings out.


Here is an update. The beer is carbonated now not completely clear but getting there

It’s a solid beer I keep going back for a taste. The Munich malt comes through can’t really taste the stone. Next time I’ll do it outside in a smokey fire and ad more rocks. Trying to get a smokey taste. I could just smoke some malt also

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I’ve been saving bacon fat from commercial hickory smoked bacon for other recipes. The bacon nor the fat didn’t have much of a smoke flavor. I warmed the bacon fat and poured into a foil pan the last time I had the smoker going. Little more smoke flavor but will do it again to get a distinct hickory smoke flavor. Might work for your malt. I smoked the bacon fat for 5 hours. Malt may take quite a bit less time. Smoking time and flavor will be enhanced if the malt is moist and cold when it goes into the smoker.

A normal person would just buy smoked malt but what fun is that. You think smoke in over bacon fat would be better than just woodsmoke. I’m thinking of using apple wood.

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