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Steeping Grains

Note: I’ve only ever done all grain, so this question might be really stupid.

When looking at an appendix on extract process, it mentions milling grain before doing a partial mash process. But under extract process, it does not mention milling the steeping grain. I had assumed the steeping grain in an extract brew should be milled, but I just wanted to make sure.

Yep mill it. :cheers:

Thanks. I just didn’t know why it would be mentioned for one process and not the other. This was actually in the appendix of Brewing Classic Styles.

With steeping, the color/flavor will come out with out milling. It will be better with milling.

Mashing, you want to open the grains up to let the enzymes get access to the meat of the grain.

I think that is where they are coming from.

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