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Steeping Grains. Flaked or torrified wheat?

About to make my first American wheat and was wondering if I could use flaked or torrified wheat for steeping? Do I have to mash these? I am a fairly new extract brewer (one year) and looking to easily add some body and head retention by steeping some specialty grains. Any thoughts? I feel that just using DME will most likely be too thin for me.

Flaked and torrified wheat need to be mashed. Instead, if you really want body and head retention, you could try a little Carapils malt, which does not need to be mashed. Or, dive into partial mash brewing. It’s so easy, you won’t even believe it. All you need to do is take a pound or two of malt and steep it at about 150 F for 30 minutes, then pull the grain bag, add some extract, and brew as normal. Mashing is very easy to get into and requires no special equipment, especially if you top with extract or brew small batches. Or, go the pillowcase route like my buddy who makes 15-gallon batches using the BIAB method – just a huge glorified steep, with a pulley system to pull the bag out at the end. It’s cool.

That sounds cool. Any pictures available?

Sorry, no. I’ve never seen it for myself, just heard stories from him and my other friends.

If you’re using a pulley to hoist a pillowcase full of grain, wouldn’t a real mash tun be easier?

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