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STC 1000 temperature controller

Finally stopped being lazy and wired the STC 1000. Impetus for completing the controller was another wort chilled way to low for the yeasts fermentation tempereature. Had to add warm water to the “swamp cooler” to warm it up.

Tested the controller this morning with a aquarium heater that is preset to 75°F. Plugged it in and no sparks. Set the parameters for the test. Set temperature agreed with two digital thermometers. I’m happy.

Added a toggle switch to reinstall the jumper on the hot side of the outlet. This will be for running two heaters at the same time and at the same temperature when necessary. Power to the cooling relay was disconnected to avoid burning it out.


Nice job on your project box @flars! Looks professional!

Even the Sharpie to mark hot and cold? Thank you.

Haha you make sure to break the tab between both hots on the plug!?! Good work!

Especially that @flars! :wink:

Great job! Looks very professional. Only question, isn’t 75°F closer to 24°C? The fish will be cold :wink:

My brew room is cooling off this time of year when the furnace isn’t running too often. Temperature was dropping from 68°F ambient to 66°F. I have one fermentor kept warm with the STC-1000 controlling an aquarium heater. I added a toggle switch to reestablish the jumper on the hot side of the outlet to be able to operate two aquarium heaters at the same time. Will work well when I want the fermentation temperature to be the same for both fermentors.

I disconnected the cooling wires to avoid burning out these relays when powering two heaters. Maybe another toggle switch to reestablish the connection to the cooling relay without having to open the case and manually reconnect the wires.

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