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Starting on a yeast cake?

I’ve got a Brown Ale kit fermenting right now and my son wants me to do a batch of Cider next. Can I just add my cider ingredients to the yeast cake on the bottom of my primary bucket or should I harvest and wash it first?
It’s Safale US-05 dry yeast.
I’m still somewhat of a newbie and would appreciate any input on re-using the yeast, Thanks!!

Hi, I am also new to this forum and would love to follow this (source). I also am trying it with the Safale US-05 dry yeast but not sure about yeast cake.

So the call it haverst or wash yeast. You collect the yeast in a sanatize mason jar. Let it settle you got 3 layers in your mason jar than. Collect the middle part. This is the yeast you want to collect. Transfer to a other mason jar. Let it settle. Transfer to a other jar. And you got your yeast. You wanted to collect. It involves. A bit of your time. But it works. I do reuse my yeast about 3 times. Some people even up to 6 to8 times. Make sure your mason jars are sterile. I boil them first. Than starsan. And collect the yeast. There are some youtube video as well on how to collect

I’ve pitched beers that are similar directly on a yeast cake with excellent results. Not thinking I’d pitch cider on a brown US05 cake. I’d just go buy new.

As far as harvesting goes, like everything else in brewing, there are as many different techniques as there are people. I choose not to wash my yeast. I just scoop it out of the bottom of the fermenter into sanitized pint jars, making sure (almost always is) a beer cap over the yeast, cover them, and pop them into the fridge. A few days before brew day use it to make a starter and voila!

Good luck and happy cidering!

{edit} Do a search on the forum for yeast washing and cider yeasts. LOTS of good info! :slight_smile:

Scoop! well that’s just crazy… I pour into my mason jars :yum:
I agree that I wouldn’t bother harvesting US05 but you could save a bit of money doing so. I also do not wash but merely collect, refrigerate and reuse. Some yeasts lose their profiles with time with these yeast I make a starter and save half of the starter and pitch the other half (and repeat the next time)

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I agree just swirl it up and pour into a jar to save. I would definitely pour the cider right on top of the brown ale cake after removing about half. I’ve made straight cider using fresh US-05 and made a very clean cider if that’s what your after. I prefer mine with some nuances to it so might get something from the cake. I like US-04 fermented on the warm end.


This morning I racked my Brown Ale into the secondary and scooped most of the yeast cake into a sterilized jar while I cleaned and sterilized my primary.

I added 5 gallons of apple juice and a lb of brown sugar to boost the abv a bit and then added my jar of yeast.

Within an hour I had active fermentation with my cider. :thumbsup:


Thats a curious blended cider… Is it something you’ve done before? Sneezles61

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