Starter wort pulled from pre or post boil wort?

I am brewing a Biere de Garde tonight. I also need to make a starter for a Belgian IPA which I’ll be brewing on Saturday at my home brew club’s Big Brew Day. I’m wondering if I can just pull some wort from my Biere de Garde tonight to use as the wort for my Belgian IPA starter? I’m sure it’s fine, but at what point should I pull some of the wort? The preboil gravity is estimated at 1.058 while the post boil gravity is estimated at 1.076. Should I pull some of the preboil wort and just quickly boil it on the stove for 5-10min? I think this would make the most sense since the gravity will be lower and closer to proper starter gravity.

Yep. Preboil sounds better.

Either one will work, but pre-boil would be better. Just dilute it down to around 1.040 and boil it for 10-15 minutes. I haven’t bought DME for starters for two years. I just keep it frozen in 20oz water bottles in the freezer until needed.

So if my preboil wort is 1.058ish and I pull maybe 1L, how much water should I add to get it down to 1.040? I’m sure I can find this somewhere on the internets, but I’m also sure I’ll get an answer much quicker from one of you guys… or gals!

Maybe just start with a 1/4 cup of water, stir, and see where you are? :wink:

I don’t want to do the work… I’m a manager… I ask others to do the work then stand back and say “Good work people!” :wink:

[quote=“dobe12”]So if my preboil wort is 1.058ish and I pull maybe 1L, how much water should I add to get it down to 1.040?[/quote]Set it up like this and solve for X (the volume of water to add)[(58 * 1 + X * 1)/(1 + X)] = 40 and you get 0.46L or roughly two cups.

I like my starters to be closer to 1.035, so I would add a quart of water and simmer for 15 minutes.

Edit: Thanks Greg! Originally converted pints instead of L. :oops:

0.46L is actually 15.5oz, or nearly 2 cups.

Wing it! Got it :smiley:

Pre-boil wort will have lots of lacto in it, unless you are going to boil it separately.

I just use second runnings, which are typically 4-8°P, and boil down.