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Starter with Rice Syrup

Any issues using a cup of Rice Syrup to do a gluten free starter in a 1000ml flask???

I would be wary of using just rice syrup for a starter. If yeast is given just simple sugars then it loses the ability to ferment maltose. If you are worried about the gluten from wort then you can make a starter from wort or DME then rinse the yeast before you use it. You can also try molasses as that is what the dry yeast industry uses but they use aerobic respiration to grow so it might not be a good substitute for barley wort. You might just want to go with dry yeast and avoid making starters

Generally, you want to use whatever the yeast will be fermenting in the main batch. If that’s rice syrup then go for it.

Double-check your math on the gravity though. I don’t know what a cup of rice syrup works out to on a mass basis, but it sounds like a lot for 1 L of wort.

Okay… Gotcha. My concern was oxidizing my bottle of Sorghum extract by opening it. The directions call for half cup of DME… So if its 20% water .6 cups. Or round to 2/3…

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