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Starter Volume Issue

Hi Guys,

I’m getting ready to brew my first batch (not counting my previous Mr. Beer attempts), and decided to make a yeast starter for my Caribou Slobber kit. Going by Mr. Malty’s pitching calculations, I was shooting for 1 liter of wort. After having a boilover (doh!) I ended up with only 700 mL. I still pitched the yeast once the wort cooled, and it’s whirling away on the stirplate.

Will I experience any issues from the yeast (Wyeast 1332) not having enough wort to work with? I figured I might have some leeway since the Caribou Slobber isn’t a very big beer. Thanks in advance!

No, you should be fine.
Are you using a new smackpack or harvested yeast?
A new smack pack is enough for 1.03-1.06 OG wort, but even with a 700 ml starter you should be fine. If you have another day before brewday, just make another .5 L of yeast starter.

It’s a new smack pack. I won’t be brewing until tomorrow, so I’ll add another 500 mL. Thanks!

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