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Starter or not?

I brewed a dunkelweizen on 4/30/13, then harvested and rinsed the yeast on 5/10/13 and put the yeast in 2 sanitized mason jars in the fridge.

I want to brew again tomorrow, would it be ok if I just pitched the yeast? There is about 100ml of clean yeast in each container (200ml total). I am brewing a hefeweizen tomorrow. I just don’t want to make a yeast starter tonight.


actually, I will probably put off brewing until wednesday. but my question still applies. is my yeast still healthy enough to pitch (harvested about 2.5 weeks ago)?

Personally, I would make the starter. Just a 24hr starter to get the yeast back up and running before pitching them into a big barrel-o-wort.

With that said, you would probably be fine just dumping it all in there with no starter. It just may take a day, even 3, to get started.

You should be fine pitching with no starter.

I’ll second shadetree; you’re fine without a starter.
You only need 1 jar. Half the cake at 3weeks old is plenty of yeast.
Save the other jar for another batch later down the line.

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