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Starter ir no starter

Hello all. Im goung to brew a milk stout soon anf i splurged and bought two oacks of wyeast 1084. I did this because i think my last yeast starter was a dud. Prior starter issue aside, i ws going to bring the two packs to pitch temp and not bother with a stsrter. Does that sound like a winner or does anyone still recommebd a starter even with two packs? Thanks in advance. Btw 5 gallon batch shooting for 5ish abv

Really depends on the age of the slurry. With that said, I always make a starter with liquid yeast as I believe it gets them ready for their big job. I make Shaken not stirred starters and pitch at high krausen.


Me only use liqued yeast. So make a starter. But you got to find out how old your yeast will be be before your make a starter. Than calculate. How much dme you need to use to get the right. Orginal grav i cold crash my yeast as well.

I’ve used two packs before in lieu of making a starter without issue. Kind of expensive for my taste and I kind of like making a starter and knowing the yeast is ready to rock. Shaken not stirred for me too.

That should be absolutely fine as long as the smack-packs are less than 6 months old, your looking at 200 billion yeast for 5 gallons of a relatively low OG beer. More than enough yeast.

Two fresh packs of yeast is likely enough to ferment a 1.050ish stout. If they’re more than a month old I’d make a starter.

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