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Starter gravity too high?

So I followed a few you tube videos and made my first starter last night…

Following the videos I used as a guide I ended up using 4 cups of water and 1 cup DME. I think this puts me at a starter gravity of about 1.063. This is obviously higher than an ideal starter and may result in the yeasties complaining to labor authorities about a hostile work environment…

Are they going to end up overworked? Should I start over, or just roll with it?

I do see that the volume yeast in the bottom of my flask has increased.

I’m not using a stirplate, but have been shaking pretty regularly.

I use the same 2 cups of water to 1/2 cup light DME and then just scale the starter size up to what the Mr. Malty yeast calculator suggest. In John Palmers book “How to Brew” that’s the recipe he suggest to reach a gravity of 1.040. I have never actually measured the gravity of my starters but I would imagine it is very close to what Palmer says. Asides from the first few batches I did I have never had a problem with a bad tasting beer or extremely long lag time or poor FG with the starter recipe we both mentioned. Did you take a gravity reading on the starter you made? If not I would just use it.

I didn’t take a reading up front. Should have.

Had I topped up to a tad over 1L, I think I’d be a lot closer to the desired range.

I think I’ll just roll with it and see what happens…

That will put you at about 1.070. IIRC it’s been corrected in the Third Edition.

…so would you ditch it instead of pitch it?

if your worried about alcohol, chill it, decant it and then pitch it.

Meh. You grew yeast. Maybe they won’t be in the best possible shape going into the wort, but they’re adaptable little buggers. I wouldn’t stress (pun intended) over it.

Well that is good to know. Is there another recipe you use like 1 oz DME to 1 cup or do you measure the OG every time?

I use the tail runnings from a previous mash because I’m cheap, but the rule of thumb is 100 g per liter (3.5 oz per quart). That will give a gravity of 1.035-1.040 after boiling for a few minutes.

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